The electric networks of the future: the industrial challenge

ZIV´s contribution to modern industrialization


ZIV participated yesterday in an event organized by UNESA and CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations) to share its view regarding the contribution of companies like ZIV to the industry modernization.

Mr.Yarza (ZIV SAS Business Develpment Manager) encouraged the institutions and electric utilities to favor large investment. He remarked that large projects are needed to demonstrate internationally the company´s experience, fiability and technical capabilities. “ZIV’s evolution is based on the R&D investment. The company has been contributing to the industry evolution since it was founded in 1993, continuously creating direct and indirect jobs. National Smart grid deployments and inversion plans are crucial to the business development, not only in monetary terms but also due to the importance of the technological development they allow and the relevance of references they generate”.

ZIV´s contibution in numbers: 500 professionals, 25 years investing in R&D around 10% of the OI, references in 85 countries, 7 factories.



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