Bidelek 4.0


The Basque Government through The Basque Energy Agency (EVE), Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica , and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have signed a new agreement to promote the digitalization of the electricity network with Bidelek 4.0.

30,5 Millon euros Investment

About Bidelek 4.0

The former project

Bidelek Sareak project, involving the installation of 407,179 smart electricity meters, the modification and modernization of 2,306 transformer substations, the smart modernization of two substations and new construction of a third, placed the Basque Country as a leader in smart grids. European and state regulations required all metering devices to be replaced by digital ones by 2018, but  replacement has gone “above and beyond” and extensive digitization of network at all levels has been carried out. In addition, Iberdrola has purchased equipment worth 340 million euros from Basque companies as a result smart grid implementation in Spain.

ZIV´s role

ZIV will participate in Bidelek 4.0 with all its innovative potential, in favor of the creation and deployment of new solutions for the digital transformation of the distribution network.



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