Global PAC World Conference 2024

Exchanging ideas and experiences around Smart Grid reality


We are very happy and pleased to be able to announce that this year we will have a particularly prominent presence at PacWorld 2024 to be held in Athens (Greece), with no less than four papers to be presented by our colleagues Roberto Cimadevilla and David Gil:

  • Application of Low Power Instrument Transformers according to IEC 61869 (PW43)
    Author(s): Roberto Cimadevilla, ZIV, Spain
    Carlos Gil, ZIV, Spain
    Ainhoa Sánchez, ZIV, Spain
  • Application of Distance Protection to MV Distribution Lines (PW47)
    Author(s): Roberto Cimadevilla, ZIV, Spain
    David Gil, ZIV, Spain
    Alberto Castañón, ZIV, Spain
  • Effect of delta windings on transformer differential protection (PW42)
    Author(s): Roberto Cimadevilla, ZIV, Spain
    Aitzol García, ZIV, Spain
  • Redundancy on Teleprotection over Ethernet (PW25)
    Author(s): David Gil Donate, ZIV, Spain
    Marco Senesi Ranaldi, ZIV, Spain

The PAC World Conference allows specialists from the field of electric power systems protection, automation and control, to exchange ideas and experiences, discover new technologies or advanced applications of the existing technology, learn about national or international conferences, gain access to reports from IEC, CIGRE and IEEE working groups or discuss concepts and philosophies used around the world. By organizing annual conferences, PAC World is further expanding the communications between members of our community that will help them in the implementation of the Smart Grid concept in the most efficient way possible.

See you at the conference!


Global PAC World Conference 2024 June 17 - June 21, 2024 Athens, Greece Protection and Control
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