Data concentrator units

ZIV DCUs include an advanced low voltage supervisor and Powerline Communication (PLC) controller with network monitoring functions, in addition to remote smart meter management functions.

Smart meter management

The main function of a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is to continuously poll the metering devices connected to the same secondary substation where it is connected. The retrieved meter data is stored in the DCU and periodically sent to the Management System.ZIV DCU model implements identification and removal of meters (plug and play), supervision and control, synchronization of meters, programmable tasks, and many other functions.

 PLC communications controller

They implement protocols widely accepted in smart metering such as DLMS to carry readings and web services to communicate with the utility MDM frontend.

 Network monitoring

The low voltage supervision function is performed by an internal three-phase energy meter, monitoring the secondary of the distribution transformer. 4CCT offers easy interaction with this meter, similar to the other meters in the network.

 Other functionalities

Remote firmware upgrade, WEB/CLI configuration, connection to ZIV AMI MANAGER debugging tool, NTP synchronization, hardware watchdog, SNMP management, access control.

4CCT – Smart Metering Data Concentrator for secondary substations

++ A metering data concentrator unit (DCU) that includes an advanced low voltage supervisor and Powerline Communication (PLC) controller with network monitoring functions, in addition to remote smart meter management functions.   Key features Smart meter management Network monitoring (Advanced low voltage supervision function) PLC communications controller (implements protocols widely accepted in smart metering such as DLMS to exchange readings and web services communicate with the [...]

4TGB – Compact metering data concentrator with cellular communications

A metering data concentrator specifically designed for pole mounted transformers. Its compact, easy-to-install and ruggedized design makes 4TGB the preferred solution for meter data management systems in dispersed areas with medium or low density of consumers. The 4TGB integrates all functions required by a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to manage its smartmeter installed base. The 4TGB also includes a built-in [...]

4PLM – Multi-utility concentrator

4PLM virtualizes gas/water meters in electricity meters infrastructure. 4PLM gathers metering data values either from gas meters or from water meters. Communication based on DLMS/PRIME over the deployed electricity smart metering network Options:  Wireless M-Bus 868Mhz /  Wireless M-BUS 169 Mhz /  Wired M-BUS Related Metering Solutions

4GWC – IP to PLC AMI Gateway

It is the preferred solution for meter data management systems in dispersed areas with low density of consumers. A purely telecommunications gateway transparent to the upper layers. 4GWC enables the remote connection of a DLMS client (ZIV Cloud Data Concentrator) through an IP network (Cellular and/or Ethernet) with the meters installed in the field. The preferred solution for meter data management systems in dispersed areas [...]

CDC – Cloud Data Concentrator

+ Cloud Data Concentrator CDC is a key component for AMI deployments as it allows 100% coverage for PLC smart meters. Key features Cloud Data Concentrator is a SW based data concentrator that, on one hand, will manage all the metering data coming from the smart meters that are accessible through 4GWC and, on the other hand, will gather all [...]

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