Substation Automation

Substation Automation Systems (SAS) for transmission and distribution digital substations

ZIV designs, manufactures and installs robust and flexible solutions for integrated protecion, control and telecommunication systems.

Our support centers provide engineering services based on experience and latest tecnhology to optimize the cost and resources of every single project, based on:

  • Well experienced protection, automation and communication engineers.
  • A full range of products with in-house developed technology: P&C, Communications, Automation
  • Dedicated R&D & Application resources to fully support the products.
  • A total commitment to customer satisfaction.




Today, information flows constantly and in a great amount of Mbytes between protection relays, bay control units, substation gateways, etc… comprising the so-called STATION BUS. Primary equipment, such as circuit breakers, CTs and VTs, will also be connected to this flow of information: the PROCESS BUS. This is the new fully Digital Substation and ZIV is ready to support you with it.

IEC 62351 and IEEE 1686-2013 standards

RBAC, secure keys, physical and logical port disabling, cybersecurity event log, and securing of management protocols (PROCOME, HTTPS, SFTP, SSH)


The wide and commonly accepted presence of internet-based technologies into the transmission systems has led to evident advantages in the assets management. But the communication standards running over TCP/IP represent a potential risk of fraudulent access to the IEDs in the network so CYBERSECURITY raises as a must and ZIV, aware of this new scenario, keeps working on it.


SecureGrid Secure Grid ZIV cibersecurity for relays, switches and gateways

Innovation is key


Continuous improvements in communication technologies and software tools enable utilities to use SYNCHROPHASOR SYSTEMS as the most effective and accurate way for the preventive detection of critical faults within the power network systems. ZIV plays an active role in this field participating in international working groups focused on this subject.

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Substation Automation Tools


Substation Automation Systems

Solutions for Independent Connection Providers (ICP)


Provide your customers with a simple, robust and cost-effective solution for Protection, Control Monitoring and Communications.

  • Loose items to be delivered if your company has capabilities to build and wire C&R panels as a System Integrator.
  • A configured set of loose items to your company if you have panel manufacturing facilities but not the need to act as a system Integrator.
  • The Complete Solution of control and relays panels with all configured IEDs installed if you prefer to treat the SAS like one more component of your system.

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