3ph PLC modular meter | PRIME + Meters & More | 5CTB-3

ZIV PLC modular meter 3ph

A modular PLC smart meter that implements ZIV’s own technology for PRIME and Meters & More open standards.

It ensures a reliable data transmission, even in the most challenging powerline media conditions: eg. noisy, low impedance lines and the like.

Additionally, it can include one or two RS-485 ports to connect a modem or a dongle linked to an Inhome Display.

  • The embedded PLC node is automatically identified in the PLC Network (plug and play)
  • Direct & CT connected Smart Meters using DLMS/COSEM
  • Application data or meters and more protocol stack.

Key features

  • Secured access and encrypted data transmission.
  • Dot matrix display for meter readings and standardized messages/symbols.
  • Instantaneous measurement of voltages, currents, active and reactive powers, angles and power factors (per phase), neutral current, network frequency and sequence information.
  • Energy registers (active and reactive), total and per tariff rate.
  • Several load profiles with different channels and configurable intergration period.
  • Measurand profiles (maximum, minimum and average voltage and currents…), with programable integration period.
  • RMS values register (voltage, currents and active/reactive power) with configurable integration period.
  • Monthly and daily billing data.
  • Versatile Time of Use (TOU) module which provides a way to configure different seasons, weekly profiles daily profiles and special days.
  • Maximum demand recording for each of the programmed tariff.
  • Clock and time synchronization (EN 62054-21) with DST configurable.
  • Event and alarm recording with a broad set of manageable events.
  • Power Quality recording. Voltage variations outside the established thresholds and long-term voltage interruptions.
  • Breaking and reconnection elements for remote switching operations, power control and demand side management.
  • Auxiliary relay (optional) for current tariff information or external modules management.
  • Protection against temporary overvoltage (e.g earth faults) by means of opening the disconnector in a very short time frame.
  • Battery for RTC and fraud events maintenance.
  • Self-diagnostics and monitoring.
  • Enhanced anti-tampering protection system, including bypass and magnetic field detection.


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