Servicios y Sistemas

ZIV ofrece servicios de integración de sistemas, ingeniería y formación basados en sus experiencia y en conocimiento técnico, para asegurar que cada proyecto de ejecuta en tiempo y coste.

Integración de Sistemas

  • Sistemas integrados de protección, control y telecomunicaciones (SAS / SIPCO)
  • Automatización de la red de distribución
  • Integración de renovables: Sistemas ANM / DERM
system integrator program


  • Configuraciones avanzadas
  • Cálculo de ajustes
  • Cálculo de CTs
  • Servicios de Mantenimiento
  • Soporte SAT
  • Formación

SAS Cases | Substation Automation Systems

T&D 400 / 132 / 66 Kv

T&D Substation Automation Systems
Wind farms

ZIV’s DERM system is an energy automation platform that offers advanced Power Management Software (PMS) functionality and extends the lifespan of the existing SCADA infrastructure while providing enhanced capabilities.

The platform’s modularity allows combining different applications to create a scalable architecture, from localised constraint management schemes in a single substation network to large regional or national enterprise scale systems running multiple applications. It supports dual and triple redundancy for increased resilience and can be deployed incrementally in the knowledge it can meet larger, future requirements.

It is a full end-to-end solution platform, offering robust field hardware, substation and enterprise level software and complete design and integration services. The Constellation Platform covers Level 1 DER Controllers, Level 2 Substation Controllers and Level 3 and Level 4 Enterprise Software.

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