3ph PRIME PLC Industrial smart meter | 5CTD-E2F

ZIV PRIME Industrial meter

Multifunction three phase smart meter for industrial and commercial customers. Direct & semi-indirect industrial smart meter using DLMS/COSEM application data.

5CTD industrial meter has been designed for direct connection in voltage and current, 3×127-230/400 VCA; 0.5-10 (80) A, semi-indirect (direct in voltage, indirect in current …/5A). It includes an RS-232 or RS-485 2 wires port to remotely access the meter through a modem and a PLC PRIME service node.

Key features

  • Direct & semi-indirect
  • RS-232/RS-485 remote access through a modem
  • PLC PRIME service node
  • Enhanced anti-tampering protection system.



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