5CTA – LTE 4G ESMR5 contador | Mono y Trifásico

Contador celular

Una plataforma de medida inteligente, flexible con tecnología celular LTE para compartir información con el sistema central (por protocolo DLMS)

Ofrece, además, una interfaz para comunicarse con el cliente (cable) y comunicación inalámbrica M-Bus para recopilar datos de otros medidores (contadores de agua, calor o gas)

Características generales:

  • Robust automated meter reading (AMR) solutions for DNOs
  • Energy measurement, load profile and Time of Use (TOU) features
  • Interface (P2) for communication with different non-electrical meters
  • Local and remote communication capabilities

Once the smart meter model is selected, a set of configurable parameters makes the 5CTA meter the solution for a wide variety of situations.

Along with ZIV’s meter management software, the user can configure the meter: events, TOU, synchronization schema, and many more.
5CTA smart meter can be operated using DLMS/COSEM application data.

This implementation is adapted to different data model depending on the interface.

Aplicaciones proncipales

  • Instantaneous measurement of voltage, current and power factor per phase, as well as instantaneous network frequency.
  • Provide meter present reads (electric and non-electric data) to other service modules through P1 interface.
  • Load profile recording including not only electrical energies, but also non-electrical measurements (e.g m3 gas).
  • Versatile Time of Use (TOU) module with up to 4 seasons, 4 weekly profiles, 4 types of days and 2 tariff rates.
  • Remote communication through P3 interface.
  • Time synchronization
  • Event recording. Event and alarm recording with broad set of manageable events.
  • Power Quality recording.
  • Voltage variations outside the established thresholds and long term voltage interruptions.
  • Self-diagnosis and monitoring.



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