Protection & Control Relays

IEC 61850 ed 2 certified protection relays for digital transmission and distribution substations.

ZIV IEC 61850 editio 2 certified protection relays for digital subtsations

General characteristics of the “ZIV e-NET flex family”:

IEC 61850 ed. 1 & ed. 2 protocols, DNP3.0, Modbus RTU and PROCOME

Bonding, RSTP, PRP and HSR redundancy
Native process bus.
Analog input cards operate as Merging Units for the CPU. Synchronized samples at 4800 Hz (as per IEC 61869-9)

Cybersecurity in accordance with IEC 62351 and IEEE 1686-2013 standards.

RBAC, secure keys, physical and logical port disabling, cybersecurity event log, and securing of management protocols (PROCOME, HTTPS, SFTP, SSH)

SecureGrid Secure Grid ZIV cibersecurity for relays, switches and gateways

Easy HW expansion without FW updates

Powerful programable logic
2000 event log. Up to 100 oscillography seconds
Alphanumeric or graphic display
Unused protection elements can be hidden
Custom mapping of physical current and voltage inputs to protection elements
Can be used to protect multiple bays
Up to 20 analog channels, 160 DI, 80 DO, and 22 LEDs
Time synchronization by IRIG-B, SNTP and PTP (Ordinary Clock / Transparent Clock)

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