ABIT & CDIT – Teleprotection Modules

Built-in Teleprotection modules for PLC Terminals

The ABIT and CDIT modules constitute an analog teleprotection equipment which can be integrated into power-line carrier (PLC) terminals.

Key features

  • Modules that can be integrated into an OPC-2 chassis (19”/6 s.u.)
 or OPU-1 chassis (19”/9 s.u.).
  • ABIT module: one or two commands.
  • ABIT and CDIT modules: from one to four commands.
  • Modules intended for blocking, direct and permissive tripping
 schemes as well as for telesignalling systems.
  • Both modules comply with IEC 60834-1 standard.
  • For OPU-1 terminals: Up to 4 independent commands that can be
 transmitted over analog channels (2.5 or 4 kHz) as well as integrated into
 the digital operation band.
  • For OPC-2 terminals: Up to 4 commands over analog channels
 (4 or 2 kHz).
  • Module management associated with the PLC Management System.
  • Built-in or cabinet-mounted terminal blocks associated with the modules.
  • SNMP agent.



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