MQBT/MBPU – Built-In Modem

Built-in Modem with programmable modulation scheme

Capable of operating with FSK modulation as well as with multi-level
 modulations (DPSK, QAM and TCM).

Key features

  • The MQBT module can be integrated into an OPC-2 chassis (19”/6 s.u.)
 and the MBPU module into an OPU-1 chassis (19”/9 s.u.).
  • Transmission of synchronous or asynchronous data at a speed between
 300 and 28800 bit/s in line (using a 4 kHz band).
  • Frequency-shift keying (FSK) modulation according to Recommendations V.23
 and V.21 of ITU-T, as well as with multi-level modulations (DPSK, QAM and
 TCM) according to Recommendations V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis and
 V.22 of ITU-T.
  • Transmission mode: Full-duplex point to point link.
  • It has two types of interface: V.24/V.28 of the ITU-T (with one clock for
 transmission and another for reception) and V.11 in accordance with
 standard ISO4903 (single clock).
  • Optical indications.
  • Module management by means of AT commands.
  • Cabinet-mounted terminal blocks associated with the modules.



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