CHD-4 – Differential Hybrid Circuit

Differential hybrid circuit for PLC systems over HV lines

Connection of a PLC terminal to two or three phases of a power line.
Parallel coupling of two PLC terminals which use adjacent frequency-bands.

Key features

  • Application:
 Phase-to-phase coupling.
 Two PLC terminals coupling.
 Three-phase coupling.
  • Nominal power (P.E.P): 400 W.
  • Distortion and intermodulation: 80 dB below the level corresponding
 to the nominal P.E.P.
  • Insulation between connection terminals and chassis: >1.5 kVrms.
  • Frequency range: 40÷500 kHz.
  • Nominal impedance: 75 Ω. Others on request.
  • Composite loss: <0.25 dB in the whole band.
  • Return loss: > 25 dB in the whole band.
  • Protection elements: gas surge arrester (PLC equipment side).
  • Box and cover: Die-cast aluminium with outdoor polyester powder paint,
 metallic grey (BJC Ref. B-8515).



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