ZIV e-NET tool 

One tool for all IEDs & Systems: it provides a friendly interface to program all the IED features and settings, and access all the recorded information. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs); Substation Central Units (RTUs); Switches; Terminal Servers;Merging Units; RIO modules

  • Multiprotocol (IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 101/104, Modbus).
  • Graphic Interface (drag & drop mode).
  • Graphic Editor for Logics (IEC 31131, function block diagram).
  • Project mode /stand alone mode.
  • Partial insertion of elements.
  • Automatic mapping of user signals.
  • Third-party IEDs integration.


is a graphic, user friendly software designed to provide local or remote access to every protection and control IED function, allowing also the retrieval of stored historical and real time data


The ZivercomPlus software package provides a friendly interface to program all the IED features and settings, and access all the recorded information. Communications can be established directly via local or remote ports, with flexibility to use RS232C ports with direct null-modem cable, modem connections, LAN connections, or via the Substation Central Unit for TCP/IP environments. The software includes an oscillography display and analysis tool, which can be used with oscillograpic files captured by any relay in the platform, or any other IED from ZIV GRID AUTOMATION or different vendors capable of recording in COMTRADE format


allows the user to edit ICD, CID and SCD files in an easy and simple manner, as well as file data retrieval. simplifies the configuration of dataSets, RCBs and communications data.


allows easy configuration of the control module of integrated protection and control IEDs. Configurations are programmed and compiled off-line for convenient file uploading to the IEDs.

Oscillo Viewer

Treatment of files in 4 different formats, Graphic representation of information captured in analog as well as digital channels, Analysis of these graphs and Phasor calculation.

ZIV Workbench

is a Windows© based configuration and diagnostic tool. It provides user-friendly system configuration with simple copy and paste facilities from Excel© spreadsheets and simple intuitive interface. Configuration is done independently on the PC and the resulting database is downloaded to the target system. Our products support an upload facility whereby the configuration can be uploaded from the product to reproduce the original PC configuration.

In addition to system configuration, Workbench incorporates online diagnostic facilities when connected to the ZIV Automation target system. These diagnostic facilities allow the user to view the state of all inputs and force outputs for test purposes. It provides facilities to view internal target event data and system status information such as memory allocation, software versions and configuration files.



Software download: Manuals

ZIV AMI Manager

A specific application for monitoring and managing a LV PLC network.

Retrieval and monitoring of information about the physical medium, such as the frequency spectrum, the MAC frames and the Topology of the PLC network.


A multi-computer, multiprotocol and multi-connection program, suitable for all the meters developed by ZIV

Retrieval, sending and storage of settings, and metering logs.

Firmware update

Execution of other actions: synchronization, outputs, internal breakers, etc.


PRIME communications device for detection and debugging noise and other communications parameters in PRIME networks

Different configurable functions: Base node and Service node.

Single-phase PLC PRIME signal injection.

Serial and Ethernet ports.

Data can be sent to ZIV AMI MANAGER tool for further noise, RF and frame analysis.

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