ZIV Spot – Electric Vehicle wall mounted smart AC charging station

A new generation of Electric Vehicle Charger, with a robust & sleek design for residential and semi-public charge.

ZIV-Spot is a flexible solution offering several connectivity options, for multiple use cases: domestic, garages, fleets, etc..

The range includes single and three phase models, in single and dual plug. It has been designed to bring several key benefits: easy use and installation, energy efficiency and security.

Power Management

  • ZIV-Spot ensures that the charging is managed in the best way possible by considering the power of the installation. It allows to program both a deferred charge and a dynamic load balance.
  • The dynamic load management can be done at home, requesting an additional accessory to measure the home consumption. For semi-public use, one unit can control a group of chargers optimizing the efficiency and the installation cost.

User Interface

  • ZIV-Spot has an RGB LED indicator and display to see at a glance the charging status.
  • Authentication by RFID MIFARE tags is supported, which is very useful in communal garages.
  • Besides, multiuser feature offers the option to validate several RFID tags.
  • Additionally, ZIV-Spot proposes a Bluetooth communication and an App for an easy use via a mobile phone.



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