8SCT – Trip & Close Circuits Monitoring

Trip & Close Circuits Monitoring for HV Breakers

8SCT relay has independent trip circuit monitoring elements for each pole. They supervise both breaker positions: open and closed. The unit’s four power outputs activate when an anomaly in any of the trip circuits is detected.

The 8SCT equipment has its application in the protection of breakers and electrical networks by supervising and monitoring the electrical continuity of the Trip & Close Circuits of the first, which is carried out in a usual way in the high and very high voltage breakers.

Key features

  • Up to three identical and independent monitoring functions, one for each of he breaker’s trip circuits.
  • Five LED targets. Four indicate the type of failure and the fifth indicates unit “In Service”.
  • Five auxiliary contact outputs: four are double contact to indicate failure in the circuit and a fifth to indicate that the unit is “in service”.
  • Six status contact inputs for monitoring continuity in the circuit of each pole (A, B, C) and in both positions (open and closed).
  • ILocal and remote communications interface.
  • Event Record.
  • Fault Report.



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