CAMS-10C – Capacitive Coupler

Capacitive PLC coupler

For injecting and transmitting the PLC signal over the MV phase-to-ground distribution feeders.

Key features

  • Indoor (masonry switchgear and AIS) and outdoor use.
  • Frequency range: 100 kHz ÷ 10 MHz.
  • Coupling type: Phase-to-ground by capacitor of 10 nF.
  • System voltage (between phases): 24 kVrms.
  • Protection elements:
    MV side: draining to earth of 50 Hz current and gas surge arrester.
    LV side: gas surge arrester.
  • Nominal impedances:
    Equipment side: 50 Ω (balanced).
    Line side: 200 Ω ÷ 400 Ω.
  • Line connection: M16 hex head screw (tubular blade terminal).
  • Earth/Mounting: three M8 rods.
  • Connection to the communication equipment by means of TNC connector.



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