4TGB – Compact metering data concentrator with cellular communications

A metering data concentrator specifically designed for pole mounted transformers.

Its compact, easy-to-install and ruggedized design makes 4TGB the preferred solution for meter data management systems in dispersed areas with medium or low density of consumers.

The 4TGB integrates all functions required by a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to manage its smartmeter installed base. The 4TGB also includes a built-in polyphase meter to monitor the LV section of the Distribution transformer, providing the DNO with valuable information for LV grid supervision and operation

Key features

  • The preferred solution for meter data management systems in dispersed areas with low density of consumers.
  • Specifically designed for pole mounted transformers
  • Compact, easy-to-install and ruggedized
  • TGB integrates all functions a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) requires for managing its smart meter installed base.
  • PLC communications (3 phase)
  • Integrated Cellular communications (3G/GPRS quad band. Dual SIM)

PLC communications (3 phase)
The 4TGB includes an internal PLC Base Node able to create a PLC network topology for communicating with PRIME or G3 PLC smart meters. Different injection strategies and three independent reception channels are the technological basis determining the optimal path to dynamically communicate with smart meters.

Integrated Cellular Communications
The 4TGB integrates 3G/GPRS quad band cellular communications. Its dual SIM feature allows the DNO to choose the best available cellular network operator with redundancy. Secure end-to-end communications links can be established with the AMI System (using IPSec). Also management connections are secured with HTTPS an SSH protocols. The 4TGB also incorporates either an omnidirectional antenna or a directive
antenna to adapt to different coverage situations.

More than Meter Data Storage
The 4TGB includes an internal non-volatile memory which can store the metering data generated by up to 100 smart meters in 3 months. Additionally, its internal low voltage supervision function can be used to monitor
power quality in the LV grid (secondary of the power transformer).




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