EV Charging Solutions

Fast and standard chargers; for domestic and public road environment; single socket and multisocket solutions.

The range of ZIV PRV charging solutions has been evolving since 2010 to meet the different needs of an expanding market. We present a set of solutions developed in accordance with international regulations that integrate ZIV own technology in control, communications and measuring systems.

Brochure download – 4_prv-2016_2017_eng

  • The PRV-M model has a casing for wall mounted installation, both indoor and outdoor. It incorporates an intelligent meter and can therefore be devoted to domestic or public use: public car parks, hotels, shopping and leisure centres, private fleets, residents’ associations, etc.
  • The PRV-B, model also has a wall casing, although it is only designed for domestic use. It incorporates an intelligent connector and can therefore be used in type II layouts in accordance with ITC BT-52.
  • The new PRV-VP has been designed to charge two vehicles simultaneously on a public space.
  • Finally, the PRV-DC enables charging in high-power direct current (50KW), providing a safe, easy and quick service.

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