4GWC – IP to PLC AMI Gateway

4GWC enables the remote connection of a DLMS client (ZIV Cloud Data Concentrator) through an IP network (Cellular and/or Ethernet) with the meters installed in the field. The preferred solution for meter data management systems in dispersed areas with low density of consumers.

Características principales

  • 4GWC is a purely telecommunications gateway transparent to the upper layers.
  • Meter data are not stored on it as in traditional data concentrator architectures where the DLMS client and AMI database are installed locally in every secondary substation.
  • With the 4GWC, a smart telecommunication infrastructure can be implemented, separating communication service provision from application level functionality and thus being future proof. Thanks to this architecture the data concentrator function can be centralized together with the AMI head-end system, allowing a unified management of the AMI information system.



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