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Iberdrola’s STAR project

Iberdrola’s STAR project is a huge smart grid project consisting on the massive deployment of smart equipment in different locations of medium and low voltage grids. This involves millions of smart meters installed at low voltage end users, dozens of thousands of secondary substations equipped with AMI concentrators, RTUs, and communications integrated in RMUs.

The MV and LV supervision and operation are integrated in a single network inside the Secondary Substation. The information coming from the smart meters, LV and MV supervision is sent upwards in the network architecture up to the control center of the distribution company. The amount of the information is enormous, providing online and detailed knowledge of the whole MV and LV grids, from home users to Secondary Substations.

Upgrid Project – Spanish Demostrator of LV Advanced Supervision

IP over PRIME Multilservice network

The demo has been carried out in Bilbao area (North of Spain) in a distribution grid operated by Iberdrola Distribución (+ read more) The expectations regarding PRIME based functionalities have been achieved successfully. The key result is the improvement of PLC PRIME-based communications. Being the outputs a set of tools and developments.

An IP over PRIME multiservice subnetwork is built enabling applications such as remote control operation of LV grid. This is possible improving PRIME monitoring capabilities through a manageable subnetwork.

The overall efficiency of the grid is increased both in terms of operation and in terms of performance and capacity.

These supervision systems offer an enormous amount of information to be integrated and processed in the corporate information systems of the distribution companies. LV network supervision solutions are a cost‑effective alternative to increase the distribution grid capacity due to better control and monitoring of the LV grid. Additionally, LV advanced supervision systems enable the implementation of advanced low voltage monitoring functionalities such as blowout fuses, fraud detection, feeders load unbalances and quality of supply assessment.

Thanks to the MV supervision systems, utilities can detect the faults and react much faster, which reduces in a huge way the outage unavailability records. The integration of the renewables in MV is also improved, as the online control of the level of the voltage allows to tune it on the tap changer in case of a change because of a renewable plant.

Solutions Brochure: ZIV_LV Solutions .

An Advance Network Management System to Integrate Distributed Generation in ESB (Ireland), Cauteen 110Kv substation

Four substations were connected together with a distributed ANM system to control the amount of the VAR exported parallel into the TSO (EIRGRID) as well as the DNO (ESB) systems.

  • Power flow control systems in more than 200 points in NPG (Northern power Grid) and WPD (West Power Districts )in the UK.
  • Several locations power flow in Wind and Solar farms were connected to these two DNO systems.

The described system allowed our client ESB (Ireland)  to accelerate the integration of Distributed Generation sites onto their distribution network whilst managing the impact that this additional generation has on network operations.

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