DRA-2 – Universal Communication Node

Universal communication node for Secondary Substations

Data transport for services in MV Secondary Substations using different media.

Key features

  • Designed to ensure connectivity for Distribution Transformer Centers (DTC).
  • Provides service to the equipment in the DTC, such as AMR meter reading concentrators, Remote Telecontrol Units, protections, fault circuit indicators, etc.
  • Base interfaces:
    6 Fast Ethernet ports.
    2 Gigabit Ethernet SFP bays (optical fiber).
    1 service console.
  • Additional interfaces:
    Cellular (GPRS/UMTS) with dual SIM operation.
    Cable modem (DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0).
    PLC over MV (HPAV Broadband PLC).
  • Supports advanced features of Ethernet switching (L2), static and dynamic IPv4 routing (L3) and traffic management, including tunneling.
  • Local and remote management through a console or a built-in web server (http/https), SSH and Telnet server.
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.
  • DHCP, NTP, management access with TACACS+, and client equipment access control with RADIUS.



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