Active Network Management – ANM – DERMS

ZIV provides the most comprehensive Active Network Management (ANM) solutions on the market today. We offer complete turnkey solutions from the DER connection hardware to the Centralised Management software controlling entire DSO regions.

ZIV’s Advanced Energy Automation Platform manages and optimises all distributed energy resources (generation and load) within the network constraint limits.

The platform enables a range of flexible  services to be provided, from TSO network support to DNO network management.

ZIV’s Advanced Energy Automation Platform provides solutions at 3 levels.:

  • Level 1 management at the DER interface.
  • Level 2 management at the substation / zone level.
  • Level 3 centralised management across larger geographic areas.

ANM Level 1, 2, 3 Offerings




Level 1 DER Controller is an essential element of any ANM scheme. It’s the interface unit to monitor and control the output of any DER, Generation or Load (e.g. Wind/Solar Farm, Battery Storage,..). This multi-function controller provides:




Level 2 ANM Substation Controller is a distributed Substation/Zone Controller operating a localised ANM scheme. It manages the local generation and loads to deliver the ANM services within the network constraints.




Level 3 ANM Controller is a centralised DERMS/ANM platform operating wide area multi GSP schemes. It secures the network against thermal and voltage violations and supports multiple flexibility services.

  • Setpoint / Trip control to DER
  • MW, Mvar, V and PF operating modes
  • Intelligent failsafe operation
  • Local operation display
  • Connection Voltage control
  • PQ curve monitoring and alarming
  • Active Constraint Management
  • Adaptive network optimisation
  • Provision of flexibility services
  • MW, Mvar, PF control services
  • Fault level monitoring
  • Pre/Post Fault Curtailment
  • Transmission / Distribution DERMS/ANM
  • Multiple GSPs – wide area schemes
  • Provision of flexibility services across SO/TO boundary
  • Constraint Management / Virtual Power Plant
  • Blackstart / Microgrid
  • CIM based model with data driven architecture
  • Integrate multiple Level 2 and Level 1 Control schemes

IEDs for ANM

XCell – Automation Platform for HV and MV Substations

The Ideal Platform for New Substations, facilitating the Integration of IEC 61850 and DLMS Smart Meters. XCell is an advanced substation automation platform designed specifically for HV and MV substations. Its state-of-the-art technology provides real-time access to hardwired plant data, intelligent IEDs, networked IEC 61850 devices and smart meters. This makes it ideally suited for new substations or upgrade and [...]

USP 020 – Multifunction RTU for MV/LV switchgear applications

Telecontrol, FPD, MV and LV supervision in a modular device The USP remote controller is an advanced multipurpose RTU ideally suited to Distribution Automation. Its modular design facilitates the automation of different MV facilities: modern compact RMU, overhead interrupters & reclosers. It offers a cost effective solution for extensible MV/LV switchgear applications and LV feeder monitoring. In addition to standard [...]

Altair Controllers for Distributed Generation Management.

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Success Stories

UKs Power Potential Project – DERMS

UKs Power Potential Project based on ZIV technology is estimated to save £19.5M through optimisation of DNO assets. The system allows National Grid ESO to procure network support services from UK Power Networks’ distribution network Distributed Energy Resources actively participate by offering available capacity Estimated to save £19.5M with additional benefits of £23M through optimisation of DNO assets

First Active Management System installed in Mongolia

165MW of renewable projects have been connected since 2017 For the first time, Active Network Management has been used as a Smart Grid technique to resolve and manage transmission capacity issues. Location: Desert Solar Power One plant in Sainshand, Dornogobi province Client: A project for Desert Solar Power One LLC in collaboration with Monhorus LLC and UB Grid Consultancy Ltd [...]

ZIV Automation has supplied a SAS + ANM system for Llynfl Afan Renewable Energy Park

ZIV SAS + ANM Location: Llynfl Afan Client: NRS Group from Livingston (Scotland), and Gamesa Energy UK (GEUK). ZIV System: ANM + SAS ZIV Automation was chosen to provide a turnkey solution for protection and automation at Llynfl Afan Renewable Energy Park, together with the main contractor, NRS Group from Livingston (Scotland), and Gamesa Energy UK (GEUK). The park is connected [...]

SSEN picks ZIV´s Active Network Management Solutions

SSEN picks ZIV automation to help deliver a smarter energy system for its 3.8 million customers Location: UK Custormer: SSEN Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks EPC / Partner: N/A ZIV System: ANM Keywords: Active Network Management, ANM, SSEN, Smart grid, renewables integration, Distribution Grid Digitalization Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) following a competitive tendering process has picked ZIV automation to provide [...]

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